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If you’re an investor who sees the potential of the ECommerce revolution or a publisher who’s intrigued by our market-leading platform, let’s talk.

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Partner with Macconny21

Top brands are partnering with Macconny21. Our user friendly store setup system and promotional platform allows them to multifold their business. By offering a comprehensive array of ways to broadcast your products to a broader audience, you will be able to open up new revenue streams without additional costs. You can save thousands with our validated user interface and workflow. Don’t start from scratch.

Invest in Macconny21

ECommerce is at the convergence of rapid-growth markets. So is Macconny21. Since our launch, Macconny21 has grown into the market-leading platform for ECommerce selling applications. But we’re just getting started. If you’re a visionary who is excited about the future of ECommerce, let’s talk.