Software / App Development

The development of OMNI channel platform has started to focus on the global distribution of finished goods and semifinished products of Korean small and medium enterprises.
Today, businesses truly work in a global economy with unprecedented scale and heterogeneity, each with very specific market drivers and business requirements.
The Macconny21 OmniChannel enterprise system forms the backbone of operations that must consider all strategies and transaction details. Over the past few years, the cloud has been widely embraced by the implicit benefits of resilience and agility to meet the needs of dynamically changing markets.
This emphasized the use of horizontal applications such as CRM, HRMS, document management and accounting.However, I have come to appreciate the need to go beyond the 'one size fits all' approach and bring industry specific customization.

Certain processes can be applied in common to industries such as education, insurance, supply chain and law, but there is a fundamental difference from the need for vertical specific enterprise solutions.Another key area of ​​interest for the next generation of companies is to capitalize on the potential of disruptive technologies such as IoT, Blockchain and Advanced Analytics.Recreating the customer experience and building sustainable change have found Korea and its next-generation growth very important.

As a result, ISVs and product companies had to move from technology to production while accelerating adoption of innovative models for product launch and product build and maintenance.Macconny21 companies are confident that being able to work closely with ISVs and product companies in Korea to provide a wealth of market preparation services to create value is the only global pathway for the future.
Amazon, eBay and Native Social Sales

Tell your products about the world's largest marketplace and social platform. Buy instantly with Facebook, Instagram, messaging apps, Pinterest, and more.Synchronize price, order, inventory, and fulfillment in one single hub.

Mobile based e-commerce

Optimize your website to personalize your look and feel on a variety of devices to drive sales. Create a mobile Preferred Customer itinerary with responsive storefronts, custom checkouts, and auto discounts. You can easily make mobile payments with over 100 gateways, including PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay and Macconit As One World Store Pay's exclusive 1-field payment. Bring your brand to life, from pop-up shops to real-time events. With's universal POS, you can visit your store wherever you are and manage inventory, orders and customer data from a single backend. Create an immersive, end-to-end shopping experience without the expense or commitment of existing retailers. Create demand by connecting new products and markets directly with your customers.

Global and Expanded Markets

Electronic commerce has spread all over the world. The fastest growing market is now beyond traditional boundaries. To catch up with this $ 30 trillion opportunity, we need an international e-commerce platform that can be sold and geographically connected around the world. A strategy for this is to create an international e-commerce strategy that combines world reach, scalable back-end and personal experience. Location of store theme, language and currency selector, POS instances for multiple currencies and local buyers, powerful APIs to connect global solutions: ERP, 3PL, OMS and IMS With partners directly integrated with international warehousing and implementation, and the world's largest app ecosystem, customized tooling sells your business to 175 countries on a rapidly changing international e-commerce platform.

SNS Marketing

Sold at stores across the world that have expanded across borders Provide multinational and multi-channel ecommerce experience for a variety of languages, currency and seasonal trends. With a variety of stores, localized marketing, and the partner program, you can realize your growing vision with international e-commerce solutions.
Wholesale e-commerce Expand your market and sell to mass customers with self-service, B2B experience. New channels for growth, password-protected stores for specific customers and negotiated transactions B2C Ecommerce is three times B2C, and merchants need a simple way to enter the wholesale e-commerce market and provide customers with a self-service buying experience . Mass sales through wholesale channels are made smoothly. We now use branding to automatically generate wholesale boutiques that are mobile responsive. No development or coding is required. List your wholesale-related products or collections by setting customized pricing with just the clicks that only valuable customers can see.

Personalized self-service makes it easy to buy. Wholesale e-commerce customers can place orders whenever they want, and can order full pricing and order management transparency the way they want. Send invoices at discounted prices negotiated for customers who use credit cards and online payments, receive orders manually, and prefer Human Touch. Let customers quickly buy, track, and reorder. Create custom price catalogs for individual customers or groups Use fixed price lists, discount rates, or volume-based discounts, review orders before invoices for negotiated transactions Merchant Successes Through Automated Integration of Loyalty and Reward Programs.

With unparalleled one-on-one support network support, we will be the world's largest ecosystem of Launch Engineers, Solution Engineers, Merchant Success Managers and award-winning partners. Please contact for sales to 100% domestic manufacturing products in Korea that can be mass-supplied by international e-commerce, ie B 2 GLOBAL large chain distribution network.