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Macconny 21's mission is to bring the creativity and challenging passion of ordinary people. "Digital drives are constantly changing. Limited resources and growth in the future. You can do digital platform mind. Extend geographic benefits and expand based on collaboration. As the most flexible business in the world, macconny21 will be at the center of change.

Future commerce is the cornerstone of the ecosystem of Korea and Small businesses by building infrastructures of Korea's new generation." Macconny21 'is the innovative identity, service, infrastructure of everybody who is aiming for the future of Korea and a new future. It is a company's desire to create the world's best-shared platform with its products.

Kim Pyu-sooMacconIT founder

MacconIT Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of mold parts. We have strived to become a global company by strengthening our advanced technology development and marketing capabilities. But, like our McCone Haiti, we have the technology, but for smaller, There is no limit to the reduction. In order to support Small businesses in Macon Haiti, "Small Business BLOCKCHAIN" is prepared. Within this prepared PLATFORM, We hope that Small businesses will have many opportunities to work on an equal footing with global companies overseas. Though there may be a lot of difficulties, I would like to ask for your encouragement and encouragement so that we can overcome our discretion.

Yongsuk JungCEO, MacconIT

This is the "Platform and AS ONE Project of Small businesses"
I consider it to be an infinite glory. History says that it takes the hands of challengers. Korea, which has a narrow domestic market compared to the size of the economy, More than that. Platform is a small and medium-sized enterprise and venture company. I am convinced that it will be an opportunity to open up the future to the world's leading suppliers with transparency and fairness. In particular, I am convinced that all the participating companies will be able to achieve social responsibility and innovation growth as a promising future for future generations. I would like to thank McCon Haiti Co., Ltd. for making me a stepping stone to all of this meaningful business. I am a member of the ASONE launch of Platform and Social Responsibility, We will do our best to be a stable establishment, and will fulfill our obligation to inherit the corporate and social culture of the future generations.

Choi Ik GyuMacconIT

It is an honor to join with each other in their passionate attitude and heart. The most basic logistics that can bind the world (UNITE AS ONE)!. Ensure success in any business sector without logistics support, In the difficult times, we will lead the 21st century and become the best logistics company to innovate. It gives customers confidence and prosperity, is the customer's favorite company, I will be a company that leaps forward so that I can take pride in my life for the members who are in the company. Greetings are all, talent is the future. Considering talent as our most valuable asset, we invest our company's capabilities in cultivating human resources In addition, we will be a company that fulfills its social responsibilities.

Lee Sung WookCEO, Ashin

Our company manufactures electronic, semiconductor special metal material and special cable. A company can only survive if profits are generated, and in order to do so, the worker must also change. Future automated SME facilities need to be smart. The SME factory is a survival strategy for Small businesses to cope with the future of the manufacturing industry and it can go away. It is my small desire to create a double-growing social enterprise with small businesses that are struggling in a difficult environment. We will do our best to be a small force in the platform project.

Kim Byung-hwaCEO, Inha Corporation

I am happy to be able to work together in a new home that has been refined and cultivated since long ago. I would like to be a guide for sharing difficult and difficult experiences of Small businesses. We will be a sound company that will share the social responsibility of the marginalized class as well as a responsible corporate entrepreneur. I would like to have a better company and a good company to lead the Republic of Korea together.

Seo SeohoCEO, Seju

McCONT is the representative of Haiti women. Through the establishment of the next-generation infrastructure, Korea's SME products will grow globally and become a brand. I hope that Small businesses will become one and succeed in overseas markets and have many opportunities. Especially women, young people and marginalized people hope to have a dream and a challenging passion through macconny21 I will do my best with that passion. At its center is macconny21.

Sunghee GuMacconIT

G-Valley News provides useful information and company's products and products throughout the country to the public through news. It is a media company that grows with Small businesses. Although there are excellent technologies and products, there are so many small and medium-sized enterprises in Korea that have an anxiety for growth due to their recognition and funds. G Valley News will take steps to expand sales and develop these small and medium-sized enterprises. It will illuminate the start and development status of domestic Jiangsu enterprises and the future. We will provide a wide range of professional information by covering various contents such as economy, industry, distribution, exhibitions and fairs. We will establish branch offices in each region in the future and will become a news site that delivers the industry news nationwide quickly and accurately.

Choi Ji HyunCEO, G Valley News

G Valley News is an internet media medium that aims to grow into Global Valley for companies around the world.
You can see the new information and news of domestic and foreign companies, various cultural events such as exhibitions, fairs, festivals, trends, local news, and entertainment news at a glance.
We aim to become a 'multi-platform media' that will lead the future by rapidly providing new media environment, technology and multimedia services for sound information circulation and value creation.
We recognize and respect the diverse ways of thinking of individual members of the organization, develop their potential, and prioritize communication as a driving force for individuals and organizations.

It is a medium that grows with Small businesses by delivering useful information and products and products of companies throughout the country to the public through news.
As a global media not only in Korea but also in the world, we will announce news and information from overseas companies and strive to become a platform for domestic companies to enter and interact with overseas.
We have been doing our best to serve as a guide to provide true information in the flood of information, without interfering and distorting the core agendas and issues of society.
We will continue to listen to the voices of the underprivileged, such as ordinary citizens, middle-class and medium-sized businesses, in the blind spots of the news.

For further information, visit the site http://www.gvalley.co.kr .
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