Attorney Kim Dae Kwang

"Lawyer Yehwa is composed of lawyers who have experience, passion, and expertise. Professional law firms, professional lawyers in each field. We are confident that we are a law firm that constantly strives to produce results."

Legal Counsel

Pray that you will become a law firm that will work silently after the success of macconny21. It is Jung Dae-sung who is a law firm responsible for the bridge.

"Jong-hak is a lawyer who has more than 20 years of experience in the institute. It is a young law firm consisting of young lawyers from large companies. Jongmyung, a law firm, has concluded an advisory agreement with companies in various fields, It solves corporate legal issues quickly and clearly. "


Lee Youngsoo Tax Accountant

"If you do not fulfill the obligation of unfair tax, You can see this as a case of late chattering in an unrecognized situation. In order to avoid unfair taxation of McCon companies, I will conduct guidance training and become a personal advisor."

Address 401, Wonwoo Building 105, Anping Road, Youngdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea
T. 02-2677-7312
M. 010-6237-1489

Shin Sungja Asset Manager

"Hello, this is Shin Seung who is in charge of asset management. Until now, from the perspective of customers, I'm doing consulting, but I have many good positions I will do my best to help. "

We will provide insurance related information.

The contractor is a company
Insured person (person who is guaranteed)
The cost will be borne by the company.

The guarantee is common to all and is as follows.

One to five operations (including most surgeries)
Cancer surgery, open surgery, endoscopic surgery, new medical surgery, catheter surgery

Hospitalization after illness or injury hospitalization, cancer diagnosis

Other death benefits and medication are included.
Rewards that can be duplicated are eligible for redundancy compensation.
Example) General admission fee + cancer admission fee for cancer admission.
Ex) Cancer diagnosis + cancer surgery + diagnosis fee + general hospitalization + cancer admission

Guaranteed in overseas.
The above information may vary depending on the current state and age. It is possible to have an existing contract, so please fill in the application form and enter the link.

We'll inform you of your subscription. If you have any other financial related questions, I would be very grateful. Thank you.