About Macconny21

Macconny21 is a company that pursues the philosophy of nylee21 and its vision for a new future.

Macconny21's mission is to bring out the creativity and challenging passion of ordinary people."

Digital drives are constantly changing. Limited resources and growth in the future.
You can do digital platform mind. Expand geographical benefits and expand based on collaboration.
As the most flexible business in the world, macconny21 will be at the center of change.

Our Vision

"Future commerce is the cornerstone of the ecosystem of domestic SMEs through the construction of next-generation infrastructure in Korea."

Macconny21's philosophy and vision are to help you create the world's largest and most innovative platform through basic tools so that the fruits of challenge and patience can be achieved as a result of dreams, goals, and success.

- Kim Pyu-soo, MacconIT founder

Brand Meaning

'Maccon' stands for the tree, 'NY' stands for the leader, and '21' stands for the goal of achieving one million merchants in 2021.

We believe that we can meet the needs of entrepreneurship, innovation, and customers to maintain our community with its unique culture and values.

Our Desire

Macconny21 is a company's desire to create the world's best shared platform with innovative ID, service, infrastructure and products for all who are looking for the future of Korea and a new future.

All participants (consumers, merchants, third-party service providers, and others) will benefit from the digital era as they continue to grow, as well as expand and extend their reach.